Our Classes

Artwork by Sri Chinmoy
Artwork by Sri Chinmoy

Our classes are designed to assist those who are ready to start a meditation practice of their own and are interested in learning more about a modern spiritual lifestyle. At Sri Chinmoy’s request, meditation classes are offered to the public free of charge.

Our meditation classes are open to beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike. Classes are held in English or French.

Our classes cover exercises that include:

  • proper breathing, relaxation and concentration
  • guided visualisations and meditations
  • mantras, soulful music and development of positive qualities.


As well as our regular instructors below, we also invite special guests from around the world.

AdariniAdarini has been following Sri Chinmoy’s path of meditation for more than forty years. Adarini has completed over ten marathons and is passionate about photography and meditation. Her photographic work reflects her love of world travel and her deep interest in meditation and spirituality as taught by Sri Chinmoy and includes photography for “Free Tibet” with Julia Roberts. Fluent in French and English, Adarini manages a gift shop in Geneva, her native city.

varunaviVarunavi has been meditating for more than twenty years. She is thrilled about the exciting process of transformation of one’s own nature that the meditation practice provides. As she says, through meditation she found peace, joy and freedom that help her to enjoy her everyday life to the fullest. Varunavi is fluent in French and English and speaks several other European languages.



Class registration takes place on a rolling basis throughout the year. To register for the upcoming meditation class, call us at 076/456 4427 or 079/785 3312 or sign up below!

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Meditating at Home

While you are waiting to join in, why not start your own meditation practice at home?

Tips and exercises you can do on your own