Free meditation classes in Geneva (French and English)


A free Songs of the Soul (Les Chants de l'Âme) concert of Sri Chinmoy's meditative music will take place in Geneva on November 4, 2013, at Salle Centrale de la Madeleine (rue de la Madeleine 10), at 19.30.




To reserve a free seat, please call 022 321 9231 (office hours) or 076 456 4427 (evenings). Free tickets can be collected at the Madal Bal store at 26, rue de Carouge or at STAND INFO BALEXERT (022 979 0213) in Geneva.


For music audio and video samples visit





Un nouveau groupe est en train d’être formé pour le prochain cours gratuit de méditation à Genève. Vous pouvez vous enregistrer soit par téléphone au 022 321 9231 (horaires bureau) soit sur cette page web.

A new group is being formed for the next free meditation workshop in Geneva. You can register for the workshop by contacting us by phone at 022 321 9231 (office hours) or via this webpage.

Peace that comes

From the inner awakening

Is the peace everlasting.

- from the The Jewels of Happiness by Sri Chinmoyion


To learn more about meditation, visit this meditation page.












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