Meditation Articles


The articles in this section have been written by meditation practitioners with the aim to share their views about daily life and the world. These views can be mundane in their nature or lofty in their outlook. They remain simple views that, it is hoped, provide nevertheless encouragement and more understanding to those who would like to charter a new course for their lives, but do not yet know where to start. As it happens, meditation is a great starting point, on a not-so-short, but yet exciting and enriching journey. Although a very much individual pursuit, this journey is fun and easy to make when accompanied by like-minded and like-hearted fellow travellers. As we travel alongside others, the pace may eventually diverge and sooner or later we may fall behind or charge ahead, but the enrichment we gain, whether it is willed or not, remains with us for good.

“Long have we struggled, much have we suffered, far have we travelled, but the face of peace is still hidden from us… If we live a life of peace, we are ever enriched and never impoverished. Unhorizoned is our inner peace; like the boundless sky, it encompasses all.”

— Sri Chinmoy, Yoga And The Spiritual Life. The Journey of India’s Soul., Agni Press, 1971