Love and Meditation: Meditate to Love More


Love is a mighty energy that wants to be expressed. Meditation is the means to express it, beautifully and powerfully.

Love is sacrifice. Sacrifice of what? It is sacrifice of what one is, not to mention of what one has.

Meditation is also sacrifice. Sacrifice of what? It is sacrifice of the most precious thing that one has for the achievement of something even more precious.

The most precious thing that one has is love, true and unconditional love that transcends human love and that emanates from one’s soul.

What is even more precious than the soul’s unconditional love that one has? It is the universal, divine love into which our soul wants to grow.

Why does one want to express the soul’s unconditional love, not to mention to enter into the universal love? Wouldn’t human love be enough? One wants to remain inside unconditional love emanating from one’s soul precisely because human love has not given us what it promised. Human love promised us happiness and fulfillment. Instead, we found ourselves dealing with fleeting pleasure, dependence, frustration, fear of separation and sorrow of loss.

If this is the case, wouldn’t the love of the soul be enough? It is a great achievement to feel the love of the soul and to be guided by it. But why be satisfied with a small, even if very delicious, meal when one can have a supreme feast? If one appreciates a cute, joyful and well-mannered child dressed in beautiful clothes, one would surely want to meet his benevolent and well-off parents.

Is soul’s unconditional love real? Definitely so, say those who by virtue of their life of discipline and purity have experienced it firsthand. Meditation, they say, is the way.

Is universal love real? Definitely so, say those who are true, selfless teachers and who can guide others to this lofty goal. Meditation and something more, they say, is the way.

What else is needed? Expert guidance and grace, they say, are essential.

Where does one get expert guidance? One gets expert guidance from a real meditation teacher as well as inspiration from the teacher’s inspired and aspiring students.

How does one get grace? One gets grace by being assiduous in his meditation practice and by being grateful for what one has and does not have as well as for what one is and what one is not.  So regular meditation is grace, delicately veiled.

Love and meditation. Love meditation more. Meditate more to love more, soulfully and universally.


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