The Bigger Picture


What happens when you climb a tree? You see the bigger picture compared to when you were satisfied to sit at its foot.

What happens when you look at a map? You see the bigger picture compared to when you were content to aimlessly roam the streets.

What happens when you get to first know a person? You are first guided by his character before  agreeing to something.

Invariably in life, knowing the bigger picture is always a better guide to achieving success than getting bogged down in individual details.

If we were an ant, the challenge of surmounting the ups and downs of small potholes in a road would be so daunting that it would be easy to miss the destination. Luckily for us, as human beings walking on the same road, we see the bigger picture, both in terms of the physical perception of the ultimate destination, even if it is far away and out of sight, as well as in terms of mental perception if not conviction, where the visual turns and twists of the road, unlike for an ant, would be no impediment to motivating us to continue on the chosen path.

And so it is with things spiritual.

It is the distinguishing mark of a spiritually advanced individual to be firmly set on reaching the ultimate reality even if its existence seems ephemeral to everybody else.

It is the defining characteristic of a spiritually advanced individual to not be discouraged by the ups and downs of life even if at times it may seem that there is no escape within reach.

It is the blessed opportunity of a spiritually advanced individual to sharpen her resolve and strengthen her ability to reach the destination, thus blazing a clearer path for others to see and emulate.

Reach deeper, go farther, look higher. This is the simple message of striving for the bigger picture, the message of self-transcendence.


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