Free meditation classes in Geneva

(French and English)

Regular classes

A new group is being formed for the next free meditation workshop in Geneva. You can register for the workshop by contacting us by phone at 076 456 4427 or 079 785 3312 or registering online in the Contact Us section.

To learn more about meditation, check out our Meditation section.

Un nouveau groupe est en train d’être formé pour le prochain cours gratuit de méditation à Genève. Vous pouvez vous enregistrer soit par téléphone au 076.456.4427 ou 079.785.3312 ou sur

Random Quote

“The first thing you should do when you meditate is try to make your mind calm and quiet, and then let this calm, quiet mind, this silent mind, this tranquil mind, carry you. If you try by yourself to go toward the goal, it will be impossible. It is the meditation that can carry you. Just dive into the sea of this mind, which is far beyond the physical mind, and let the meditation carry you.”