The Bigger Picture

What happens when you climb a tree? You see the bigger picture compared to when you were satisfied to sit at its foot. What happens… »

Sunshine Forever

What’s the weather going to be like? In fact this is not a usual question about the sunshine, temperatures and the like. Rather, it is… »

Aim Higher

Intent on buying a camera during a recent trip to a local electronics store, I was approached by a photography counselor working for a leading… »

When Everything Feels Right

When you are happy and things just flow, everything feels right. When you’ve just managed to be helpful to a stranger and the passers-by all… »

True to Yourself

Ron has had this nagging thought for some time, but it was only now that it has become all-consuming. He thinks he is doing quite… »

The Magnificent You

What other better topic to consider than our magnificent selves? There is no one smarter, more beautiful and more worthy than our unique self. It… »

On Purpose

It is extremely good to have a purpose – on purpose. A purposeful life avoids purposeless wonderings. More seriously, a sense of purpose makes life… »

Intelligence or Something Else?

Intelligence, they say, is what distinguishes a human being from an animal. Intelligence, as manifested in human beings, the argument goes, is the crowning achievement… »

Meditation Is Cool

Meditation is cool. It really is. Fifteen years ago when I first started to meditate, it felt like something beyond reach for us, the mere… »

Quantum Meditation

Few would have suspected this, but meditation is a great way to experience firsthand quantum physics at work. Especially in group meditations, the individual aspiration… »

Is thinking meditation?

Perhaps, for many of us, but otherwise definitely not. “I think, therefore I am”, said Descartes. “I meditate, therefore I truly am”, say we. The main… »

Meditation: The Power To Win

“If you dare to fail, You are bound To succeed.” – Sri Chinmoy Life is hard. Feeling depressed about it makes things infinitely harder. Life… »

Why go vegetarian?

Really, why? In this modern age of material sufficiency (at least in the West), when any basic food item is affordable for most of us,… »

Running and Meditation

Running is the expression of our childhood’s spontaneity, the lightness of the body, our mind’s freedom from worries and the dynamism of our intent. Running… »

Sports and Meditation

Meditation and sports go hand in hand. Not only does the practice of sports keep the body fit, but it is also an opportunity to… »

Meditation Troubleshooting Guide

Anybody can learn how to meditate. With practice, meditation becomes an integral part of one’s daily life. Not every meditation session, however, results in an… »

Work, Meditation and You

How to make work actually work for you? I mean, how do you stay happy and satisfied at work? When faced with  insurmountable difficulties due… »

What is Meditation?

If you have come across this page, you certainly know, either consciously or unconsciously, what meditation is. It is probably a matter of just starting… »