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Our meditation course consists of two parts. In the first part, we examine what meditation can do in our lives, what are the necessary prerequisites and how we can avoid the most common mistakes. We learn the four basic techniques of meditation and practice them in different variations.

Evening course 1: visualization meditation, various home meditation exercises.
Topics: basics of meditation, concentration and meditation, initial difficulties and how to overcome them, external help and some practical advice.

Evening course 2: meditation with breathing exercises (pranayama), visualization.
Subjects: regularity and punctuality, perception and management of vibrations and more subtle levels, management of internal energies and external influences, the world of the heart.

Evening course 3: meditation on a Mantra with traditional and modern mantras.
Topics: The essential forces working within us, the difference between desires and aspirations, inner voices and how we differentiate them, the interaction between meditation and character development, inner progress and outer success.

Evening course 4: musical meditation and combination of different techniques.
Topics: levels of meditation, what are the requirements for the next level, the link between meditation and religion, meditating alone or with a master, because we find great unity in diversity.

About the instructor

K.A. Beyer started meditating at age 17 – alone, with exercises he found in books. At the age of 20, he started searching for a spiritual master, whereupon he focused his whole life on meditation. His classes utilise his decades of intensive meditation experience – at the same time they are fun, easy to understand, and offer valuable inspiration for both beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Although his main interest has always been meditation and spiritual life, he does not see meditation as an escape from the world. After studying psychology, he worked as a psychotherapist for some time. He then opened a small health food store, wrote a book on the lemon diet and made it known all over Europe. Over the years, a group of companies has emerged which today operates in ten countries and employs over 400 people. A few years ago, K.A. Beyer established his company in a foundation, and since then he has been mainly giving classes on meditation around the world, or living on retreat in the Swiss mountains. We are therefore particularly pleased to have been able to inspire him to come to Geneva.

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