When Everything Feels Right


When you are happy and things just flow, everything feels right.

When you’ve just managed to be helpful to a stranger and the passers-by all smile at you, everything feels right.

When there is no worry about the past and no anxious anticipation of the future, everything feels right.

When just being in the present moment feels natural and simple, everything feels right.

When you are happy with who you are, not to mention who you are not, everything feels right.

When there is no need to prove anything to anyone, including yourself, everything feels right.

When the good and great ideas just dawn, necessary events unfold and intended outcomes just occur, everything feels right.

When life feels like a beautiful song, everything feels right.

What else happens when everything feels right?

You feel at peace with yourself and the world. You have no demands to anyone including yourself. The world may twist and turn, yet you remain serene.

You are an artist creating the most exquisite and unique work of art – that of your own life. If you are a true artist, you have no plan. Your work is flowing from inspiration, spontaneously and harmoniously. Something else is expressing itself through you and you readily and joyously let it do so. You may have a vision of what the final piece may be, but it is not your goal. It is the process of creative expression that absorbs and enchants you in the first place.

Ambition, hatred, fear and the feeling of superiority have no place in this creative process. Instead, freedom, universal love, faith and humility are overflowing from your creative endeavor.

Above all, having a strong inner sense that one has a calling in life, a mission of sorts, being well aware of it and being motivated to see it through to fruition, is by far the most essential ingredient.

Finally, knowing that you are in the right place, at the right time and in the right state of being, sets everything right from the very start. Having the sincere and unyielding confidence that things are the way they are supposed to be no matter what, is the most priceless thing one can ever have. How to acquire and experience such a thing? Meditation has the key.


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