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Artwork by Sri Chinmoy

Artwork by Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy’s official site with many inspiring links.

About Sri Chinmoy’s early years & activities.

A free, online collection of thousands of Sri Chinmoy’s literary offerings.

An overview of Sri Chinmoy’s books for sale.

The Jewels of Happiness is a treasure chest of wisdom and joy – a compilation of succinct and insightful pieces of prose, practical exercises and uplifting aphorisms and verse. Addressing themes such as peace, enthusiasm and love, the self-contained chapters combine to create a wonderful tapestry of inspiration.

The official store front on showcasing some of Sri Chinmoy’s most popular literary creations in English, French, German and other languages.

A free, online collection of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry.

A free, online collection of thousands of Sri Chinmoy’s songs.

A free, online collection of Sri Chinmoy’s artistic creations

About the Sri Chinmoy Centre and Its Projects

News and information about the Sri Chinmoy centres worldwide.

Songs of the Soul is a musical journey which takes the depth, power and sheer vastness of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions and weaves an experience dedicated to the journey of the human soul. Free admission.

The official website of the Peace Run, a global, grassroots annual torch relay through over 100 countries. Follow the runners as they make their way through breath-taking landscapes, meet with people from all walks of life uniting hearts & communities. Includes, photos, videos, a blog of runners’ daily experiences.

The official website of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, the biggest organizer of various athletic events worldwide. Also, home of the 3,100 mile race, the longest foot race in the world! Includes, photos, videos, schedule of upcoming events worldwide and race results.

The official website of the Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles, a global humanitarian organization, founded by Sri Chinmoy.

Other Inspirational Online Resources

A free, online collection of spiritual and meditative music by Sri Chinmoy and his students. Home of Inspiration-Sounds, Inspiring Stories from the Heart of the World – a free weekly iTunes podcast full of amusement and enlightenment. Includes links to a number of other recordings on iTunes.

Features a free, online collection of over 100 videos on meditation and musical performances by Sri Chinmoy and his students. Features free video podcasts, such as Meditation-Silence series and the amusing Inspiration-News.

Offers a selection of Sri Chinmoy’s writings on spirituality and his spiritual path.

An online inspiration group available to anyone with an interest in meditation, spirituality and other topics on life in general. Insightful, funny, friendly and, of course, very inspiring! Features daily postings from its many hundreds of members.

An online journal of good prose, some serious and some funny, on a variety of topics. Now at its 23rd issue!

A free, online meditation course offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre of New Zealand.

A large collection of inspiring quotes and poetry from the world’s spiritual luminaries and classical poets. Includes many links to other websites.

A large collection of inspiring quotes, prose and stories from the world’s spiritual luminaries, classical writers and poets along with their biographies. Includes many links to other websites.

India’s spiritual offering to mankind.

Great stories and tales from the East.

Describes various states of consciousness.

About death and reincarnation.

Talks at Universities by luminaries (Martin Luther King, President Gorbachev, Sri Chinmoy).

The teachings of great spiritual masters, including Sri Chinmoy.

Soulful tributes to notable world figures.

Spiritual plays and playwrights.

Tips about running, including running a marathon and even longer distances!

Meditation exercises, benefits and helpful articles about meditation.

Other Cool Websites

A general link to an extensive gallery of personal websites.

With 563 Guinness World Records, including 198 standing records, Ashrita is a fountain of inspiration and dynamism. The website features photos, media coverage and his personal accounts of the many records he has set over the years.

A teacher of economics at Oxford and the author of a popular Economics Revision Guide, Richard is an avid fan of cycling and has a good sense of humour. The website features photos, funny stories from his teaching career as well as many links to other websites.


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Transcripts of public lectures held by Sri Chinmoy in Geneva

Spiritual Purity, 28 June 1973

The Aspiring Life, 7 July 1974

Fear and Courage, 14 June 1976

Peace, Happiness and Freedom, 12 June 1986

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